Chris & Lisa Stark

Senior Pastors

Chris Stark is the senior pastor of New Life Church. Chris sensed the call to be a Pastor at a very young age, and after completing his Theological Studies in South Africa and the USA, he started serving as a pastor at New Life Church in 1991 and has served as senior pastor since 2003. Chris has a deep passion for creating environments that inspire people to experience the love and presence of God.

Lisa received her Bachelors degree in law and politics. She is passionate about the upliftment of women, helping them find their true identity and freedom in Christ.

Chris and Lisa are real and authentic communicators of God’s Word, and focus on values that create a life giving culture where people can feel the love of God and grow in an intimate relationship with Him.

They have been married for over 28 years and have been blessed with two beautiful children.
Pastor (Cosmo City)
Pastor & Alpha
Pastor & Equip Classes
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Pastor, Connect Groups & Counselling 
Pastor (Alexandra), Functions & Maintenance
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