Back to School – Shoe Drive – From Sunday 5 to 26 January
We are starting 2020 with an exciting outreach initiative: Back to School – Shoe Drive. Help send a child back to school in a pair of shoes. Many people struggle with the rising costs of school clothes and shoes are one of the main expenses. We will be collecting school shoes, new or used (in good condition), to donate to those in need in the month of January. Look out for the donation box in the foyer where all donated shoes can be placed. All donations welcome.
Connect Groups Registration – From Sunday 12 to 26 January
Connect Groups registration opens online on Sunday 12 January with the Connect Meet ‘n Greet information station and the registration happening in the foyer. Connecting with others and building life-giving relationships is one of our most important New Life values and we encourage all New Lifers to connect with others by joining a serving group, equip group or a Connect Group. There is sure to be a Connect Group in your area so if you would like more information or would like to meet some of the friendly Connect Group Leaders, please join us at the Connect Meet ‘n Greets and the registration stations on Sunday 12, 19 & 26 January in the church foyer, after the 9am and 11am services. For more information click here, or email
21 Days of Prayer and Fasting – Starts Monday 13 January to Sunday 2 February
Something amazing happens in the spiritual atmosphere when the whole church fasts and prays in unison. The 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting begins from Monday 13 January and finishes on Sunday 2 February as we pray together for 21 Days for the power of God to sustain and advance us in 2020. Join with us as we pray for the nation, the city, our church, our families and so much more. You can participate by following the devotionals that will lead us in different prayer themes and offer a daily challenge. You won’t want to miss these three weeks of powerful daily prayer and encouragement as you give the first of your year to the Lord.
New Series “What’s Next?” – Starts Sunday 19 January @ 9 & 11am
Many of us experience spiritual ups and downs as we journey through life. It may seem that at times we have drifted, or God seems far away. Sometimes we feel stuck in our relationship with Jesus. In our new series ‘What’s Next?’ we will discuss a timeless guide to all those looking for clarity and who are willing to take the four vital steps revealed in this message. These crucial steps will set you on a linear trajectory to a deeper, higher, wider faith in God. No matter where find yourself on the spiritual spectrum, “What’s Next?” is the guide you need to help you find your next step. Discover the joy that comes as we embrace moving closer to him. Join us on Sunday 19 January for the start of this life-changing new series at 9am or 11am.
LifeStart New Member’s Class – Sunday 26 January @ 11am – Register Here
Being rooted and grounded in a church is a very important part of being a Christian, so if you are new to New Life Church, or you are feeling that this church family is for you, this class is vital for new membership. If you have been a Christian for a long time and have attended New Life for some time, but you are not yet a member, you are also welcome to join the class as the vision and values of New Life Church are presented in a life giving and informative way. Light snacks will be served and KidsLife is open for childcare. Register here or email for more information.
The Alpha Course – Starts Wednesday 29 January @ 7pm – Register Here
We are very excited to be running another season of the world renowned Alpha Course at New Life Church! The Alpha course is an evangelistic course which seeks to introduce the basics of the Christian faith through a series of 10 weekly talks/presentations and related discussion.
Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create authentic conversation. The Alpha course is a relaxed platform to allow people to investigate and explore the claims of Christianity for themselves. Register here or for more information email