We give God praise for how He is working at all four of our churches in Bryanston, Diepsloot, Cosmo City and Alexandra. We’ve heard the stories and seen the remarkable changes in the lives of both young and old, and many coming to know Christ for the first time and being baptised. People from all walks of life are finding a place to experience God’s love, growing in their relationship with God and one another, and impacting their world for Christ.
“Generosity Sunday” is our annual campaign scheduled for Sunday 30th September, where we respectfully ask all New Lifers to prayerfully consider our part in being as generous as our circumstances allow and to bring a once-off gift, above our regular giving, to help fund specific Kingdom projects across all four churches.
It is hugely encouraging to see the fulfillment of the various projects we committed to over the last two years as a direct result of annual generosity initiatives. The building of Cosmo Church is well-underway and most of the renovation and upgrade projects in Bryanston, Diepsloot and Alexandra have been successfully completed.
The following projects have been identified as goals for the 2018 Generosity Sunday Campaign:
  1. North Wing refurbishment into a self-contained venue for InsideOut, Ignite, Weddings, Funerals and other general Church gatherings/meetings
  2.  Kidslife building air conditioners
  3.  Cosmo Church building to accommodate escalation costs
Our prayerful goal for the 2018 campaign is to raise R3.55 million, as we unite to give to the cause of Christ in our Community.
If you would like to give, please click here