Freedom In Christ Registration
If you are struggling with areas where you need victory, the Freedom in Christ course is for you! Allow God to heal the hurts of your past, get rid of negative thinking and take hold of the freedom that is yours in Christ. Freedom in Christ course will be run on Fri 26 July 7pm – 9pm and Sat 27 July 9am to 12:30pm.
Do you want to become an even more fruitful disciple of Jesus? Are you tired of not fulfilling your full potential as a Christian?
No matter how long or short a time you have been a Christian, or how far you are on the journey, you will find Freedom in Christ course a wonderfully refreshing spiritual check-up. It will help you clear away the spiritual cobwebs and connect with Jesus in a deeper way. It is one of those evergreen courses that you could attend on a regular basis to give God an opportunity to highlight attitudes and behaviours that need to change and to uncover areas where your faith is not as strong as you would like it to be.
Freedom in Christ is also extremely effective for those facing particular challenges such as:
· condemning thoughts
· patterns of wrong behaviour
· spiritual struggles
· hopelessness
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